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Fotocash review: Is fotocash legit or scam: Don't register without reading this!

fotocash is a scam, fotocash is legit, is fotocash real? , how can I register on fotocash, how can I make money on fotocash, is fotocash legit or scam? "

Have you heard about Have you seen their advert somewhere? When you saw it, what first came to your mind! Maybe you thought: "fotocash is a scam, fotocash is legit, is fotocash real? , how can I register on fotocash, how can I make money on fotocash, is fotocash legit or scam? Fotocash registration ". I guess am not reading your mind too much. lol

If You had those questions running through your mind. I promise you, after reading this fotocash review, you will be able to understand what fotocash is all about.

So let's get started!

About Fotocash: 

From the name FOTOCASH, you should know that it is about making money from pictures, photos. But it is more than that.

Images can involve a world of strangers in our life. How powerful is that? And how about earning some cool cash to your bank account, sharing photos, viewing photos, commenting and logging in to your Fotocash account daily? Fantastic, right?

Welcome to Fotocash as I introduce to you a photo money idea from the stable of great internet marketers and Nigerians who desire to create options that work with online earning opportunity for the growth of Nigerian economy.

Fotocash review: How it works

Let me spend some time here to explain how fotocash works.

Fotocash system is designed with Muilti level affiliate earning system with point activities earning bonus. We also offer you 5000 point earning welcome bonus to grow your earning faster.

With a membership fee of a token amount of ₦1,200, you'll be granted a huge opportunity of earning cool cash with Fotocash activities point bonus.

How to make money on Fotocash
More Earning Opportunity

➢You earn 42% direct referral bonus (₦500)

➢You earn 17% indirect referral bonus (₦200)

Fotocash system is designed with unlimited referral and unlimited affiliate earning in 2 level.

Level 1, direct referral earning and level 2 indirect referral earning with multiple times respectively.

Point Earning Category

➨View photo / post = 50 point
➨Comment on post = 10 point
➨Upload photo / post = 200 point
➨Daily membership Login = 100 point
➨Viral share post daily = 500 point
➨Welcome bonus = 5000 point.

Is fotocash legit or scam: how genuine is fotocash

People behind are well experienced internet marketers and developers who have seen a failed systems, mistakes, known peoples problems and have come up with the best solutions for a stable and guarantee earning system as option that works.

So let me quickly give an answer to your question which is "is fotocash legit or scam?" 

Yes!  Fotocash is very legit!

Are you still scared that fotocash will scam you?

 Don't be scared . You can always visit them at their office.
Their physical office is located at 1A Gbemisola street, Ikeja Lagos. for e-pin purchase and support.

I hope this fotocash review has helped you to understand more about fotocash.

Read on!

Is fotocash safe: How To withdraw from fotocash

fotocash is a scam, fotocash is legit, is fotocash real? , how can I register on fotocash, how can I make money on fotocash, is fotocash legit or scam? "

➣Minimum cash out is ₦1,000 from your wallet either refer or no refer. You are liable to cash out at anytime even without referral earning.

➣50,000 point = ₦500 convertible at anytime to your wallet.
The more point you accumulate, the more money you earn.

➣100% Legit, we pay you your activities earning in cash.

Fotocash registration : How To Register on fotocash

To join Fotocash earning opportunity is free. You only need to verify your account by paying your membership token of ₦1,200 in order to get access to all the benefits. You can make payment online and get your account verified instantly and start earning immediately or contact our e-pin distributors to purchase e-pin for verification.
Go to to register.

Conclusion on Fotocash review

As I promise you that I will clear all your thoughts about fotocash is a scam, fotocash is legit, is fotocash real? , how can I register on fotocash, how can I make money on fotocash, is fotocash legit or scam?, am sure I did. You can now take a bold step to register on fotocash without fear...

Head to their website right away and register then start receiving alert.

If you have questions to ask, the comment box is open!


You can also what'sapp me here


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