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Can I Get Permanent Resident While Studying In Canada?

Can I get PR while studying in Canada? As an international student in Canada, how can I apply to become a permanent resident? Let’s take a look at the some of the requirements and pathways for international students to get Canadian Permanent Residency.
Canada is a wonderful place to want to continue to work, study and live in. Hence many foreign students already studying in Canada on study permit, desire to settle permanently in Canada, in view of the enormous infrastructure facilities, access to quality life, huge job opportunities, diversities of cultures, quality standard of living and many more.
But, you can not apply for PR until after your graduation, as there are now various programs in place, through which you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. You, however, need to acquire the work permit first to stay in Canada. You can apply for the work permit under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) after completing your graduation.
The PGWPP program permits graduat…

Algoma University Scholarships/Awards Apply Now

Algoma university is located in Sault Ste. Marie, in Ontario, Canada as the smallest undergraduate university. The institution offers over 30 different academic programs spanning across liberal arts, sciences and professional discipline for both local and international students. Algoma university is offering scholarships/awards to qualified and interested international students. This scholarship is for students entering their first year in the university and it should be applied for before deadline. See details below on how to apply.

Eligibility Criteria For The Algoma Scholarships/Awards To be eligible for this scholarships/awards, all candidates are to pay the international differential fee which includes the university transfers, second degree students, college diploma and college transfer. This scholarships is not applicable to U.S citizens. There are different scholarships available for students which includes:
The Chancellor’s award Scholarships This is awarded to international s…

Paidviewpoint review: Is Paidviewpoint legit or scam + payment proof

Am not going to  talk much about legit paid surveys at home,  everybody needs money in this life.

You need money for your daily activities .
But to get this money. They are always stuffs to do..
Recommended: How I made my first 6 digit online Allow me to introduce you to paidviewpoint, a survey site where money can be made.

People have been wondering...  Is paidviewpoint legit?
Is paidviewpoint scam?  How can I make money on paidviewpoint.

Well,  I won't promise you much,  but I assure you that after reading this paidviewpoint review and making a fast move. You will surely come back looking for me to say "thanks" lol

Are you  a stay at home mum?  Or are you a nanny?  Let me say a nursing mum who doesn't go out and you are looking for a paid surveys at home reviews to make sure you won't be scam at the end of the day?

Don't worry, I have you covered! But we won't cover you for so long  if you don't subscribe to our mailing list 😂.

Maybe you heard abou… Review: Is MoneyReward scam or legit: Hidden secret!

Have you ever come across any survey site? Promising to pay huge money for doing simple task? and you may be thinking "Man! this is so real!

Yeah! you may be right about them. But most of this survey site are scam . you may spend your time in a particular website, at the end of the day, they fail you and you will be pissed off. any way don't worry. i will be exposing another survey site. You will get to know if it's legit or scam.

am taking time to write a Review to people who planned to make money on it .

In this article, you willl learn if is scam or legit, you will also learn all about registration and logins and sign up, how to get referal to join, in this review.

so let's ride on...

In the world today, people scam people for fun. I sometimes say to myself "what do they benefit from scamming people " but recently, I came to understand the reason why fake sites are all over…

BIGtoken Review: Is bigtoken App legit or scam. Read!

Welcome to your favorite legit or scam website reviewer. We will always keep you updated!

I recently came across an application called BIGtoken (also know as The BIG APP).

BigToken is an Android app which pays users for doing some certain task like selling personal data to companies, answering surveys, checking into stores. Etc

Since the existence of this app, people have been pouring in questions like, " is Bigtoken legit or scam, Bigtoken review needed, how about  big token referral code, big token app, how to download."

Have you ever have those questions running through your mind ? Don't worry, after reading my Bigtoken app review .You will be able to know everything about This awesome app.

Is BIGtoken app a scam or legit application? Will you get paid?
As I promised you earlier, Read my honest Bigtoken review below to find out!

What is Bigtoken all about. What you need to know! Bigtoken is a mobile application advertised as the first consumer-powered data market…

Wish review: Is wish legit or scam; The ultimate Answer

Have you heard about It is an online store just like Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc.

But questions have been running on people mind like,  is wish legit or scam, is wish a reliable shopping site, is wish safe for credit cards. In this Wish Review, you will learn about them. 
My Experience With
When I first came across Wish(dot)com I was ready to become an impulse buyer thanks to the exceptionally low prices. But my previous experiences of buying from online retailers clicked in before committing to my first purchase. 
I spent about 2hrs searching the internet for info about the retailer in regards to trustworthiness, quality, and reliability. I received a TON of mixed reviews that were all over the board. Some saying avoid it like the plague, others saying it was Ok, and others praising it.

The simple truth of the matter is this, as a consumer, you need to think before purchasing, then do a bit of research, think again, then if you still feel good about the item, pull the …

Dangote Refinery Recruitment Form 2019/2020 Begins on

Dangote Refinery Recruitment  Form 2019/2020 Begins on Dangote Oil Refining Company normally recruits new staffs from time to time. The recruited staffs through the Dangote Recruitment are required to provide bearing capacity for the projected refinery facilities and foundations. In order to validate the daily progress and quality of these the work, new workers get employed from time to time. Dangote Oil refinery recruitment requirements A good degree from a recognize higher institutionMechanical Engineering,Chemical Engineering,Electrical and Civil Engineering.Dangote Recruitment Scam Alert: This is to inform the general public of the activities of some fraudulent individuals who advertise job alerts on Dangote. Kindly note that Dangote oil refinery do recruit from time time for  Executive fresh graduate Trainee and experienced graduates too. How to Apply: Method of Application — Suitably qualified persons should visit the Dangote group recruitment website at https:…

Nairatime income review: Is nairatime legit or scam; what you need to know

Welcome back to your favorite income program websites review blog! We are always here to ensure you are not scam!

I recently published an article on fotocash income program review . I think you should check it out!

Yeah! My people Another income program just pop up which is Nairatime income.

Have you come across the name Nairatime anywhere?, if yes, what came to your mind first! Maybe you asked yourself, what is nairatime all about, is it legit or scam. How can I make money, is it safe to invest! "

Don't panic my dear reader! In this Nairatime review, I will put down all you need to know about nairatime, if it is legit or scam, I will also enlighten you on nairatime income registration, I will also tell you about nairatime income login, you will be enlightened about www nairatime com sponsored post.

So sit tight and put on your sit belt, we have a long way to go !

What is Nairatime Income Program All About
NAIRATIME is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direc…

Fotocash review: Is fotocash legit or scam: Don't register without reading this!

Have you heard about Have you seen their advert somewhere? When you saw it, what first came to your mind! Maybe you thought: "fotocash is a scam, fotocash is legit, is fotocash real? , how can I register on fotocash, how can I make money on fotocash, is fotocash legit or scam? Fotocash registration ". I guess am not reading your mind too much. lol

If You had those questions running through your mind. I promise you, after reading this fotocash review, you will be able to understand what fotocash is all about.

So let's get started!
About Fotocash: 
From the name FOTOCASH, you should know that it is about making money from pictures, photos. But it is more than that.

Images can involve a world of strangers in our life. How powerful is that? And how about earning some cool cash to your bank account, sharing photos, viewing photos, commenting and logging in to your Fotocash account daily? Fantastic, right?

Welcome to Fotocash as I introduce to you a photo…

Tinyseed review: Is Tinyseedscoop legit or Scam; how does it works

Since the existence of TinySeedcoop, people have been asking questions like,  is tinyseed legit or scam,  can I make money on tinyseed,  how do I register on Tinyseed, is Tinyseedcoop real,   can I really invest on Tinyseed?. Don't worry,  after reading this Tinyseed review you will be able to make a good decision!

Do you know you can turn #1000 to #1000000? Read more to find out more!

Tinyseed Review: what you need to know about Tinyseed 

Tiny Seed Cooperative Multipurpose society is legitimately register in Nigeria with the lagos state Government ministry of commerce, industry and cooperative with the registration number 16039.

The system is aimed at destroying lack, want and financial stagnation among members and launch them into financial fortune and abundance. Hence, through Tiny Seed coop, you can raise capital for your ideal business, generate good amount of money to acquire properties and earn enough cash to give your children and relations the best education of your choi…

Payoriginal review: Is Payoriginal legit or scam? What you need to know

Let me start by discussing  what brought you here.

Maybe you have heard about Payoriginal or you came across it and you have been wondering,  is payoriginal legit or scam, does pay original really works? Can I make money on payorginal website?,  How safe Is payoriginal, is payoriginal a waste of time?; Don't worry about your questions , we at Betterview connections have your back. After reading this particular payoriginal review,  you will be able to make a good decision!. 
Stop being scam victims! If you do not want to waste anymore time on scams, check out my #1 recommendation to making money online:

Payoriginal Review: what Is Payoriginal about 

Payoriginal is an income platform,  which they claim to pay their users for doing some simple and easy task.
A lot of questions have been raised since the existence of this website. Millions have joined payoriginal website and share the goodnews while some join and couldn't make any money out of it. If you have any doubt, don't …