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Zinoly review: Is Zinoly income program scam or legit. Consider zinoly review first

Hi there! Have you heard of zinoly income program?, do you know what zinoly income program is all about?,  do you care to know how zinoly works? Do you want to know how to register on zinoly income program? I guessed yes because that is what brought you here! Don't worry,  I got your back provided we are pals lol and it is because of you that made me to write this zinoly income program review.

I will tell you everything you need to know, if zinoly is a scam site or if zinoly is a legit site. Let's roll,  put on your sit belt!

While I was doing keywords research,  I found out that people don't really trust zinoly,  which after this zinoly review, you will take a bold decision either to trust zinoly income program or not!

People have been asking Is Zinoly a Scam?, Is Zinoly Legit?, Is Zinoly really paying?, What is Zinoly about., How to make money on zinoly. Yeah,  we are all mortals and before investing our money, we have to know what it's all about. No one is to be blamed.

I will start answering the above questions one by one,  but let me start with the history of zinoly.

Zinoly review: What you need to know about Zinoly 

Zinoly income program is a registered company in Nigeria created by VICTEMIGE TECHNOLOGIES, a professional web and ICT business with registration number 2650978.

Zinoly is a kind of entertainment website that gives its users latest and accurate news on sport, culture,  education, politics, etc. They get information from reliable source all over the country.

Zinoly review: How does zinoly income program works

Zinoly income program is not only about the information they post but they also pay their users for reading the news and sharing them... Isn't that amazing?

Just like Cashzom income program, nnu income program, and many other income programs in Nigeria, Zinoly pays its users for login in to their Zinoly account daily, reading news, comment and also sharing of sponsored post given by Zinoly daily on social media.

Zinoly income program share their revenue with you monthly when you make their community your number one news and information website.

Amazing right?, you may be asking yourself, how do zinoly get the money to pay people for reading news.

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Here we go! Zinoly income program participate in many other affiliate marketing, which only people on the site can help them make money,  they are not stingy lol, so they decided to share their revenue with you. Hope your question on how do zinoly get money to pay people have been answered.

Are you excited to join Zinoly income program? Chill!  There's something you still need to know which is, is zinoly a scam site?,  how legit is it. Well, I promised to make everything clear to you when I started writing this Zinoly review and am not gonna break my promise!

Zinoly review: Is zinoly a scam site or is zinoly a legit site

Now you may be wondering,  is zinoly a scam site just like nnu income program?
Will they run away with my money?  Well, this question is not hard to answer. Zinoly and nnu has nothing in common,  it's just that they are both income program and am here to assure you that zinoly is different from nnu and it is not a scam site!

Zinoly have helped so many people so far, and let's just hope it will continue helping them. When I received my first credit alert from Zinoly,  I was like wow! So this s**t is real!. And yes it is real. Many people have confirmed it too and you reading this will soon confirm it lol.

How does zinoly income program works. How to earn on zinoly

As I said earlier,  zinoly pays its users for login in to their Zinoly account daily,  they also pay for reading news, comment and also sharing of sponsored post given by Zinoly daily on social media, and they also pay you for referring people to the platform. I will explain them one by one.

Zinoly account daily login: when you login to your zinoly account Evey day,  they pay you #50. That's if you login for 14 days it will give you #700. Great! Tell me why won't you join zinoly.

Zinoly affiliate: this is the part i love most! Do you believe that Zinoly pay you #1000 for each person you refer? If you don't,  then start believing. It is just too amazing. It is possible to refer 10 people a day and that will fetch you #10,000.

They only pay you when the person you referred have joined the community fully,  and participate in the activities there.

Reading post, Commenting on post : Zinoly pays you for each article you read. You can read 1000 articles on zinoly platform and earn #2 for each article you read.  You can help mebdo the calculations and see how much you will earn lol.

Sharing of sponsored post: zinoly gives every member of its platform a sponsor post every day, all you need to do is to share this post on social media and earn your #100 daily. So once you register and have your account activated,  you will start receiving sponsored post automatically.

In conclusion on how to make money on zinoly,  you can be making #20,000 to #50,000 weekly base on your hard work.


Before you become a full member of zinoly income program,  you need to pay a one time fee of #1500. Without paying, you can not have access to all the goodies I listed earlier, #1500 is not a big money to invest on zinoly,  so don't back off! Rush now and follow the steps to register.

Zinoly review,  Is Zinoly Scam?, Is Zinoly Legit?, is Zinoly really paying?,  What is Zinoly about, zinoly registration,  How to make money on zinoly

  • A page will appear asking you for your mobile number,  you put your working phone number because they will send verification code.

Is Zinoly Scam? Is Zinoly Legit? Zinoly review, Is Zinoly really paying? What is Zinoly about. How to make money on zinoly

  • When you click on verify,  another page will appear, you choose “use sms” and a code will be sent to your line within 2 minutes,  just copy the code and paste it to verify your phone number.
  • Now you will be redirected to zinoly payment portal, just choose the payment options you be able to use, flutterwave requires master card,  and visa card while coupon, you just make payment to their bank account and they will send you a code. But I think you should go for coupon code if you are not too familiar with online payments.
  • When you choose coupon code,  you will see a link like, “don't have a coupon code?  Buy here.” then you proceed.
Zinoly review, Zinoly registration, Is Zinoly Scam?, Is Zinoly Legit?, Is Zinoly really paying?, What is Zinoly about, How to make money on zinoly

  • When the code is sent,  you fill it and activate
  • Fill your personal information and bank accounts,  password and username
  • And you are all set to go!

That was simple steps on how to register on zinoly income program.  I hope this zinoly review I able to give you all the information you needed, if yes,Share but if no,  comment let us see how we can help you.

If you found the registration of zinoly income program hard on this zinoly review,  kindly message us on whatsapp for help. 


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