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Studentnaija review: Is studentnaija income program a scam or legit website

Hi there, am back again and this time am dropping a bomb! Lol . Am the admin of and am writing studentnaija review. Read below !

Have you heard about studentnaija income program?, do you want to know how it works?, have you ever taken it for granted?, if you have heard about it, have you ever asked to yourself the following questions? Is studentnaija income real?, is studentnaija legit?, how can I make money on studentnaija income program ?, studentnaija registration, how can I register on studentnaija, is studentnaija a scam. Those are the questions that usually runs through people's.mind about studentnaija income program. Don't worry, after reading this studentnaija review, your questions will all be answered.

StudentNaija Income Program is a Nigerian web site created by Standard IC Technologies (they also own nairatime income program) . StudentNaija Income Program was created as an alternative for NairaTimers to increase their daily earnings.

Is studentnaija income real?, is studentnaija legit?, how can I make money on studentnaija income program ?, studentnaija registration, how can I register on studentnaija, is studentnaija a scam.
Studentnaija allows their users to earn money daily for doing some certain task. According to the creator of Studentnaija income program, their mission is to keep helping Nigerian youths, students, middle class and whoever wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to making money online legitimately as we create the channel for participants to earn passive income on weekly basis.


Every members of StudentNaija Income Package can earn money in different ways depending on their levels of membership.

Withdrawal Form is open every day, while Payment is processed within the next 24 hours to 48 hours after submitting a withdrawal request.

NOTE: Minimum withdrawal is N4,000.

Studentnaija income program have two types of membership. We are going to explain them below for you.


If you are a regular member on studentnaija income program, you are eligible to earn the following:
N200 – Daily Login Bonus.
N700 – Guider Bonus

You are paid N200 for daily login which means you can earn N1000 per week. Amazing right? Read on!

And the one-time registration fee for regular members is just N1600


Gold membership is a higher Plan with more earnings features. When you are a GOLD member, you are eligible to earn:
N200 – Daily Login Bonus.
N700 – Guider Bonus
N100 – View Daily Sponsored Topic
N50 – Submit PostAs you can see, this is a more better plan than that of regular, you earn money on studentnaija income program for everything you do. I advise you go for Gold membership.

Upgrade fee = 1,600

What you need to be a member

–Just N1,600

-AND an active NairaTime Account

Before you can join studentnaija income program, you need to register with NairaTime income program, Nairatime income program registration is as simple as ABC.

Studentnaija review: HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT ON STUDENTNAIJA income program

You can make payment online or You can just purchase coupon code from studentnaija coupon vendors via bank deposit or online transfer. If you are going for the coupon, I will provide you the list of studentnaija coupon agent below! Then you can apply the coupon code during registration.

List of studentnaija coupon vendors
YUSUF MUSA KALLAMU – 07017515987
Ovhakporie Precious – 07087619775
Ajayi Raphael Rapzee – 08123850004
Ovigwerie Jerry – 09078401538
Peter Sarah – 08107410246
Umukoro Eloho – 08165088763

They are all trusted by the admin. Don't be scared of being scam.

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As I promised earlier, in this studentnaija review, I will write on how to register on studentnaija. StudentNaija Registration is easy as ABC so lets get started.

Go to studentnaija website
No more steps. Your account will automatically be activated.


If you want to withdraw from studentnaija, you need to follow the procedure below:
Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top navigation menu, then click on the Withdrawal button
Confirm your details (i.e. your bank account details and username) and click submit.
That’s all! Your withdrawal request will be processed within the next 24 hours to 48 hours.

Studentnaija income program review: Is studentnaija scam or legit
This the part most people wants to hear. Before now, I promised to clear your doubt on the following questions Is studentnaija income real?, is studentnaija legit?, how can I make money on studentnaija income program ?, studentnaija registration, how can I register on studentnaija, is studentnaija a scam.

I come to a conclusion that studentnaija income program is not a scam website. Studentnaija is legit , it's real. With me I have a payment prof. You get paid if you abide by the rules and regulations of studentnaija. You also get paid if participate fully.

With that payment proof, am able to convince you that studentnaija is legit. Am also able to clear your doubt on your questions "Is studentnaija income real?, is studentnaija legit?, how can I make money on studentnaija income program ?, studentnaija registration, how can I register on studentnaija, is studentnaija a scam"

Now head to the website and give it a try.


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