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Latest event in Ebonyi state: CELEBRITIES DINNER NIGHT with Top Celebrities In Nigeria

Latest event in Nigeria, latest event in ebonyi state, Royal T Trending Ventures, Celebrities dinner night

When it comes to creating a memorable experience, Royal T trending ventures have it covered. Our passion is delivering spectacular events with perfectly organized attention to details. Our reputation for excellence is built on organizing events as colorful as they are varied and reputation is legendary.

Nigerian entertainment industry is growing on daily basis and the actual time spent in the field by the celebrities is neck breaking and that gives room to Unique hangout time.

CELEBRITIES DINNER NIGHT is traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical appearance of the celebrities, judging from their manner of approach, comportment, sitting posture, level of intelligence and talents.

This event tends to bring together all the celebrities in Ebonyi state including celebrities from the following schools, Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana, Ebonyi state University Abakiliki, Federal University Ndufu alike Ikwo for a celebrity Dinner party/hangout night.

This is the latest event in Ebonyi state,  don't miss out!

What you will learn from the event in Ebonyi state,  Nigeria 

Latest event in Nigeria, latest event in ebonyi state, Royal T Trending Ventures, Celebrities dinner night

Here you will discover hidden message written in the visual language of wine and good food. You will explore the diverse personality of wine . Deepen your pleasure of wine and next time you taste wine new pictures or words may come to your mind. Come and explore your imagination and perception of GREAT TASTE as you share a wonderful glass of wine with friends while having a mouth watering Dinner.

This Event is going to be colorful, entertaining, educative and will generally depict the life of a celebrity.

When is the event coming up 

We are glad you are interested in our event.  Our event is one of the latest event in Ebonyi state and also the latest event in Nigeria, I know you wouldn't love to miss it. The date and the location of this awesome event is stated below.

Date: 17th MAY, 2019
Venue: Hotel Geneza Abakiliki
Time: Red carpet 7pm, main event 8pm

Dress code:
Ladies: Dinner gown with touch of red.
Men: black or blue suit with touch of red.

Payment for Royal T Trending Ventures event: Latest event in Nigeria 

Have you finally made up your mind to meet with celebrities all over Nigeria?  If yes!  The gate fee of our event is just #3000 for regular while the VIP gate fee is #5000 only. Click the buttons below to make payment.

Payment for VIP ticket, latest event in ebonyi state, latest event in Nigeria,  betterview connection

For Regular 
Payment for regular ticket - betterview connection


We are looking for sponsorship, sponsor us and have your logo on our website, and also on the stage! Click below to sponsor us. 

                   SPONSOR US 

Latest event in Nigeria, latest event in ebonyi state, Royal T Trending Ventures,

After payment, you will be redirected to a page to get your ticket via email.

We are expecting to see you in this special CELEBRITIES DINNER NIGHT! Don't miss this opportunity,  it may change your life forever!


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