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What to consider before buying a facebook page

Buying a facebook page,  how to buy a facebook,  what to know before buying a facebook page

Are you a business owner or A Celebrity,  you want to go viral online on facebook book?  Don't worry, in this article, I will guide you on buying facebook pages and what you should know before buying a facebook page. Have been seeing a couple of posts online like "Facebook Fan Page is available for Sale". It quite amazing right?

Buying a facebook page for your business or whatever is a good idea. In fact one of the best steps to take when starting a business.

According to ALYSSA GREGORY of Thebalancesmb, She said that "Facebook pages are excellent places to gather your customers, prospects, and fans to provide reviews, share opinions, voice concerns and offer feedback."

Many people use Facebook pages to go viral, especially celebrities. They use a facebook fan page to connect all over the world .

There are so many uses of  facebook page and I refer you to Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Small Business.

Sometimes,  creating a new facebook page can take a long time for it to grow. And you know the larger the community, the better the communication.

You can't just wake up today and create a facebook page and expect it to have 20,000 likes tomorrow. It takes time to grow just like a new website.

So in this case what should you. Buying a facebook page is the best option. They are people who spend their time creating facebook pages and developing it then sale it out. These pages are not usually costly. Facebook page growth is base on hard work. And if you can't develop your page, kindly use our contact form to communicate with us.

What you should consider before buying a facebook page

Before buying a facebook page, there are things you really need to consider. Buying and selling of facebook pages is not a bad idea.  Before you buy, consider the following and making sure it suits your business.

  1. Interest Of the Audience: This is one of the things you should consider before buying a facebook page. You should ask yourself, "this page I want to buy,  how are the audience like, what do they love, what do they hate". You can not be a fashion designer and then you bought a page that deals with Science or Technology.  People who liked the page liked it because it's about fashion designing. Changing the page name won't help because of the set of people you have in your page. And if you make this mistake, you will notice the page insight will reduce. Always search for a page that has connection to your business.
  2. Engagement: Yes!  This is another factor you need to consider while buying a facebook page. Facebook page engagement is what keeps the page going. In some facebook pages,  you will see a page with 30000 likes and then when a post is posted, you will see few people reading it. Some of this people are not real. They may be bots or users who are late. In this condition what should you do,  the best thing to do is to check the facebook page engagement before buying.
  3. Location of the audience : Location matters a lot. Although you will have a lot of engagement,  your business will go viral but what if it's a kind of business that you need to see your audience. For instance,  you bought a page, and 60 percent of the page likes are from India and unfortunately, you have a shop or a business in New York, Do you think it will help?  No!, it won't, they are just fans, not business partners because the distance is too far. These people can also help you make your business go viral as well.
  4. Check what it was previously used for: Before you purchase any facebook page,  you should check what it was used for. You can't just go ahead and buy a facebook page because you needed one. If you don't take this particular point serious, you may end up loosing your business and destroying your reputation. On facebook,  we have pages of different categories, starting from drugs, sport, credit card scamming, Sex, etc. Different kinds of pages. That's why I keep saying that facebook is another big world. If you mistakenly bought a page that was previously used for crime and change the name What about the people who liked it?  Can you change them too? If you can, go and ahead and buy it. LOL

Now you may be wondering,  where do I start, where can I buy a facebook page, how can I buy a facebook page,  how do I meet someone who is willingly to see me through'. Don't worry, we are here to see you through, and before I help you out, subscribe to my mailing list on the bottom of this page.

There are a lot of people who usually wanna sale,  but they are not legit, in other words, They scam! . Especially,  Indians,Pakistanis, and some countries in Africa. How will you know who to deal with.

You need to have the facebook  page checked to your satisfaction before paying for it. And fiver offer such services. If you unable to take the long process,  we are always available to see youthrough.

You can also create and facebook and promote it. But promoting it to have a large community may cost a lot of money.


Now you have read this article on things to consider before buying a facebook page,  I hope you will give it a good shot!

What do you think,  drop your comment.

Kindly share!


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